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I have always loved making my environment clean but this quest was upgraded when i signed up for the Nelson Mandela Day volunteering event in which i was to call other youths and teach them about volunteering them join forces to volunteer to clean our community. This inspiration grew when i noticed that only about 30% of waste generated within my community was properly disposed and so I felt the urge to help collect and treat this waste. In the course of development of my idea with my close friends, we felt the need to generate bio-fuel and help crop down reliance on fuel wood by my community which will help reduce green house gases. This led to the creation of a sustainable development group and later a waste management agency to help collect, treat and recycle waste. This got us a chance to participate in the TEF-UNDP Entrepreneurship program and now the YALI RLC in Ghana. We are constantly working out means to reach the skies and our quest is paying of. We are now hoping to get into the zero hunger tract by trying to provide jobs for as many youths as we can by generating more energy and diverting it into different sectors which will produce jobs for youths like a dry cleaning firm.