October 19, 2021 04:28

An exceptional project aims to provide housing for low income families, fight against poverty through the creation of jobs! But I still have some questions about your financial plan as well as whether this will be implemented in the next 5-10 years
Good luck!

October 19, 2021 04:23

The project offered not only detailed how it will impact the society as well as detailed information on how the project will be implemented. However, I have some questions regarding finances as well as some details about the future plans!
Good luck

October 19, 2021 04:15

This is a smart and efficient idea that would benefit the farmers' community in Bangladesh in the long run. This is a good example of innovation for sustainable agriculture, heading towards SDG. Good luck!

Comment on: AgriLife Limited
October 19, 2021 04:09

An outstanding project toward sustainable agriculture in Africa! A goal towards SDG 13 is really important considering the changes in weather pattern nowadays and your project is going for it !!

Comment on: Active Ageing Vietnam
October 19, 2021 04:04

I believe that the aging problem is quite common among every nation and we humans are heading towards the better future when we get older. What I can see from your project is a state-of-the-art technology with many useful webinars about COVID-19 lifestyle

Best regards!

October 19, 2021 03:58

Your project is very inspirational! I believe that the goal towards brain tumours is quite interesting and captivating. But I have a few questions regarding how this project will develop in the future

Best regards!