August 15, 2017 14:44

Hey Sebastian, sure, please do and thanks for the comment.

Andrei, thanks muchos. I am just willing to try my best in the service to humanity and helping the environment in the little way i can. Make a mention of your work here and i will read through.

August 10, 2017 01:30

Thanks Kay, Vincent and Ines for the support.

Katlego Sito, I would be glad to conduct similar research in your area if i am invited (*smiles*). Yeah, i stated somewhere about a business venture managed by the club that would support her activities and projects even in the absence of external funds. The details of it could not be shared here unfortunately due to word limit. We are open to private and state funding as well as fundraisers, all these to be supplemented by the club's business. Thanks for the comment.

August 10, 2017 01:19

Thanks Ajith Matthew!

Laith, yeah, the key phrase is "changing the lifestyle, mindset", more like a behavioral psychology project. Awareness would be really important too as most of the ills done to the environment are simply out of ignorance, as i am finding out in my research.

Comment on: Waste Business Hub
August 10, 2017 01:04

This is REUSE and Service to humanity at its best, in its little way! You just broadened my vision into some things that i once overlooked. i had this 'aha!' feeling when i read your profile (you being an environmentalist), although i have read some really interesting projects from peeps who are not. This project is really amazing. You got my vote on this. Thanks for the insight. I am handling something slightly related. We need to talk.

August 10, 2017 00:52

Really good bro! Just to ask, how do your skills acquisition programs differ from the ones organized in most of the "vulnerable" communities? There are many of the likes of this organized for free by institutions including churches in Nigeria and very few youths attend. How do you plan to lure youths to be partakers of this? What is the distinguishing factor in your modus operadii?

August 10, 2017 00:34

Hey Marvis, this idea has great benefits especially for the environment. I was expecting to see more information on your 'description', your future plans and the sustainability of this idea (eg, how and where you get your materials from, processes involved, benefits and its potential to match up with current furniture market trends and so on). Your write-up seems to be a bit brief for the great potentials behind this project. You could be more convincing if you really want to sell this idea. Cheers.

Comment on: Volunteers for Kenya
August 10, 2017 00:14

The uniqueness of this project stands out in your selfless service for humanity, Betty. Volunteering also is not really a "thing" in most African countries, most youths would rather stay put until they find a paying job than volunteer. As with most projects of this nature, you may need to access more funding opportunities, partner with clubs of similar goals. Continue to pave the way, mate.

August 9, 2017 23:00

Hi, your project idea is impressive, especially the impact on mindset of youths, job creation and the entrepreneurship undertone to it (branching off to agriculture, music). However, i think you can come up with a nice title or name for the project. I was expecting to see some age-limiting concepts or some sort...if you get what i mean. Nice work in all. Stay motivated.

Comment on: Algae Energy Pavilion
August 9, 2017 22:41

Really interesting and educative. Never had a more concise information about algae in just one read. Way to go girl. Just got one more research topic. The impacts on sustainability are well outlined, and you were able to analyse some possible limitations to this project. I hope you get the funds you need, this work has a promising future.

Comment on: Green Schools Program
August 2, 2017 02:55

You got that right with your targets; school children. I think if we can get them to be aware of the need to save our environment through activities as this, we would be nearly 50% sure of sustainability of the trend. Nice job.