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I am an innovative person.I like to produce solutions to problems. Moreover,I am talented in selling and have management skills.

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I am looking for funding to complete my idea into a business or enterprise

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I am still a student at Kushinga Polytechnic in Marondera Zimbabwe studying food science.I completed my Highschool education to the Advanced level.I had a certificate from the Zimbabwe National blood services as a peer promoter I like helping people that’s why I had to donate blood, had so many awards in form of medals at school because I was the soccer captain,in 2019 I worked at Lincwill Technologies pvt on Marondera and was a sale representation there ..in November of the same year I remember being the best male sales rep of the company. Even though I am still a student,but I do some small scale enterprise,I keep and sell chickens

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Nigel Munashe Zvidzayi


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