July 3, 2019 18:51

Accountable leadership and responsive institutions: Build visionary and
accountable leadership, democratic and developmental governance and
institutions, through robust and transparent planning, implementation,
monitoring and evaluation mechanisms at all levels.

July 3, 2019 18:48

Africas human capital will be fully developed as its most precious resource,
through sustained investments based on universal early childhood development
and basic education, and sustained investments in higher education, science,
technology, research and innovation, and the elimination of gender disparities
at all levels of education. Access to post-graduate education will be expanded
and strengthened to ensure world-class infrastructure for learning and
research and support scientific reforms that underpin the transformation of the

July 3, 2019 18:46

Africas agriculture will be modern and productive, using science, technology,
innovation and indigenous knowledge. The hand hoe will be banished by
2025 and the sector will be modern, profitable and attractive to the continent s
youths and women.

July 3, 2019 18:44

By 2063, African countries will be amongst the best performers in global quality
of life measures. This will be attained through strategies of inclusive growth,
job creation, increasing agricultural production; investments in science,
technology, research and innovation; gender equality, youth empowerment
and the provision of basic services including health, nutrition, education,
shelter, water and sanitation.

July 3, 2019 18:44

African people have a high standard of living, and quality of life, sound
health and well being
Well educated and skilled citizens, underpinned by science, technology
and innovation for a knowledge society is the norm and no child misses
school due to poverty or any form of discrimination
Cities and other settlements are hubs of cultural and economic activities,

July 3, 2019 18:42

We are confident that Africa has the capability to realise her full potential in
development, culture and peace and to establish flourishing, inclusive and
prosperous societies. We thus, commit to act together towards achieving the
following aspirations:

July 3, 2019 18:42

Africa is self-confident in its identity, heritage, culture and shared values and
as a strong, united and influential partner on the global stage making its
contribution to peace, human progress, peaceful co-existence and welfare. In
short, a different and better Africa.

July 3, 2019 18:41

The aspirations reflect our desire for shared prosperity and well-being, for unity
and integration, for a continent of free citizens and expanded horizons, where
the full potential of women and youth, boys and girls are realized, and with
freedom from fear, disease and want.

July 3, 2019 18:41

Agenda 2063 will not happen spontaneously, it will
require conscious and deliberate efforts to nurture a transformative leadership
that will drive the agenda and defend Africa s interests.
We rededicate ourselves to the enduring Pan African vision of an integrated,
prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing
a dynamic force in the international arena.

July 3, 2019 18:37

In this new and noble initiative, past plans and commitments have been
reviewed, and we pledge to take into account lessons from them as we
implement Agenda 2063. These include: mobilization of the people and their
ownership of continental programmes at the core; the principle of self-reliance
and Africa financing its own development; the importance of capable, inclusive
and accountable states and institutions at all levels and in all spheres; the critical
role of Regional Economic Communities as building blocks for continental
unity; taking into account of the special challenges faced by both island and
land-locked states; and holding ourselves and our governments and institutions
accountable for results.