July 1, 2019 15:21

implement the Plan for the Industrial Development of Africa,
the African Mining Vision at the national and continental levels, by
particularly by accelerating the establishment of the African Centre for
mining development;

July 1, 2019 15:21

harness the potential of universities and their networks and explore
other options for providing high quality university education
transform, expand and industrialize our economies by
enriching and adding value to resources
natural. In this regard:

July 1, 2019 15:20

establish and strengthen the Pan-African University and the Virtual University
pan-African, and elevate Africa's role in research, research and development.
development and technology transfer, innovation and innovation
global knowledge production

July 1, 2019 15:19

establish an African Accreditation Agency to develop and
monitor educational quality standards in order to promote the
mobility of students and academics across the continent;

July 1, 2019 15:19

strengthen and develop an African knowledge society
through processing and investment in
universities, science, technology, research and innovation, and
through the harmonization of educational standards and recognition
mutual recognition of academic and professional qualifications.

July 1, 2019 15:17

expand universal access to quality early childhood education,
to primary and secondary education;
increase and consolidate gender parity by
educational matters;

July 1, 2019 15:16

strengthen technical and vocational education and training
through improved investment, the creation of a group
of high quality TVET centres in Africa, closer links with
industry and labour market compliance, with a view to improving the
skills profile, employability and entrepreneurship of youth
and women in particular, and to bridge the skills gap
across the continent;

July 1, 2019 15:16

Intensify the education and skills revolution, and
actively promote science, technology, research and innovation
innovation to strengthen knowledge, resources and innovation
human resources, capacities and skills to provide a
impetus for innovation and for the African century

July 1, 2019 15:15

carrying out effective and territorial planning and setting up
land tenure and land use management systems;
- achieving balanced development of all institutions
human rights, taking into account the realities of urban and rural areas;
- improving the livelihoods of a large number of workers
living in slums and informal settlements.

July 1, 2019 15:14

Provide all Africans with the opportunity to have housing
decent and affordable in a clean, safe and secure environment
organized in :
- ensuring access to affordable and decent housing for all, in areas where
sustainable human settlements;