June 28, 2019 17:39

Africa will use and manage its resources in an equitable and sustainable manner
for socio-economic development, regional cooperation
and environmental protection

June 28, 2019 17:39

Africa will participate in global efforts to mitigate climate change that support and broaden the policy space for sustainable development on the continent. Africa will continue to speak out
with a single voice and for the same purpose in promoting its position
and his interest in climate change.

June 28, 2019 17:38

While Africa currently contributes less than (5%) of the
global carbon emissions, it is suffering the full impact of the climate. Africa must address the global challenge of climate change by giving priority to adaptation in all our actions, building on on the skills of various disciplines and adequate support (development and transfer of affordable technologies, strengthening of capacity, adequacy of financial and technical resources) to ensure the implementation of actions for the survival of populations the most vulnerable, including those of island States, and for the sustainable development and the sharing of prosperity.

June 28, 2019 17:35

Africa's blue or ocean economy, which is three times larger that its land mass will contribute greatly to the transformation and
the continent's growth, by advancing knowledge on the marine and aquatic biotechnology, the growth of a maritime industry
at the African level, the development of maritime and river transport and lake as well as fishing; and the exploitation and enhancement of the
ores that have not yet been exploited and other resources.

June 28, 2019 17:33

Access to higher education will be
expanded and strengthened by providing modern, class-leading infrastructure
for learning and research, to support reforms
that underpin the transformation of the continent.

June 28, 2019 17:31

Africa's human capital will be fully developed as
the most valuable resource, including through sustained investment
based on universality in early childhood education and
basic education, and also through sustained investments
in higher education, science, technology, research
and innovation, and eliminate inequalities between men and women
at all levels of education.

June 28, 2019 17:30

By 2063, African countries will be among the most efficient, in terms ofin terms of measures of quality of life in the world this will be achieved
through inclusive growth strategies, job creation,
increase in agricultural production; investments in the
science, technology, research and innovation; gender equality,
4 Agenda 2063 The Africa We Want
youth empowerment and the provision of basic services such as
health, nutrition, education, housing, water and sanitation

June 28, 2019 17:24

Africa's natural resources, environment and ecosystems,
in particular its fauna and flora are rich, valued and preserved, and
economies and communities are climate-resilient

June 28, 2019 17:23

economies structurally transformed to create shared growth and decent jobs and economic opportunities for all;
a modern agriculture for production, productivity and quality
greater added value, contributing to national prosperity and
of farmers, and to the collective food security of Africa;

June 28, 2019 17:13

citizens are well trained and sufficiently qualified in science, technology and innovation for a knowledge society that is the norm and where no child is deprived of schooling
because of poverty or any form of discrimination;