June 28, 2019 14:58

However, to accomplish their mission, the
pedagogical advisers do not necessarily receive specific training for their
to develop their skills as adult trainers (Duchesne and
Gagnon, 2014)

June 28, 2019 14:57

Their primary task is to guide teachers
in transition to the implementation of new pedagogical practices. In other words, they
must bridge the gap between their school board's pedagogical guidelines and the
concrete actions implemented in classrooms to ensure the implementation of the objectives
of educational improvement established by each school.

June 28, 2019 14:56

These leadership teams include
pedagogical advisors, who are first and foremost teachers, hired by the
school boards to provide in-service training for teachers to support their efforts to improve their
understanding of effective pedagogical practices for their students (Ministry of Education

June 28, 2019 14:56

In general, responsibility for professional development rests with
school board leaders. More specifically, in Ontario, each school board
develops its own coaching models in which leadership teams are responsible for
responsibility to train teachers.

June 28, 2019 14:54

Many other factors such as reflective practice, school culture, school
proposed continuing education methods and their influence on student success
accompany the teacher on a constant journey (Avalos, 2011)

June 28, 2019 14:54

The professional development of teachers is a long-term process,
complex and requires the cognitive and emotional engagement of the individual. Factors such as
beliefs and a sense of self-efficacy are key to the evolution of the

June 28, 2019 14:50

Today, the act of teaching is no longer limited to the implementation of a
well-defined pedagogical programming. Teaching not only implies mastery
technique of pedagogy, but also the awareness of the importance of the stakes of the

June 28, 2019 14:48

Automation, the globalization of the
labour market and technological advances continue at an astonishing rate without however
limit new employment opportunities. Modern learners must therefore develop
skills that can be constantly transmitted (Wiliam, 2016). C

June 28, 2019 14:47

As we enter the innovation era, children are called upon to reach success thresholds
to ensure not only their place in the labour market, but also
to flourish in an increasingly complex world.

June 28, 2019 14:45

In recent years, Canada has performed well compared to other countries.
countries participating in the Programme for International Student Assessment
(OECD, 2016).