June 14, 2019 16:13

The renewal of African elites should allow a better contribution of the African diaspora to the continent's development and lead to the training of a new generation of leaders.

June 14, 2019 16:12

The rebuilding of the State must make it possible to meet the new challenges facing Africa: globalization, the fight against poverty and the crises resulting from democratic governance. However, these development objectives are costly and require new resources that can only come from the creation of new wealth.

June 14, 2019 16:11

The State needs to be rebuilt on the basis of new territorial scales in order to better address the various problems that hinder the proper control of current development conditions: isolation, excessively long or poorly defined borders and the underdevelopment ofcontrolling the flows necessary to control their territories. basic infrastructure. The consequences of the Balkanisation of the continent prevent African states from

June 14, 2019 16:10

he rebuilding of the African State is necessary to make the current territorial entities reliable, viable and secure. The nation-states inherited from colonization, to paraphrase Antoine Sawadogo, find themselves in an ambivalent situation, both real and fictional, formal and informal (Sawadogo 2003, 47-51).

June 14, 2019 16:08

At the beginning of the 21st century, the political responsibility of the new generations of leaders will be based on the relationship between power and freedom, mainly that of the citizen. The new generation faces the following questions:

June 14, 2019 16:07

- Strengthen participants' ability to transcend geographical, political and social barriers, from any political or organizational position
- Develop diagnostic tools to analyse the complexity of change in social systems and develop strategies for action
- Mobilize people systems to succeed in changing and challenging contexts

June 14, 2019 16:07

The objectives of this project are to improve the leadership skills of government officials, politicians, religious leaders, professionals, intellectuals, organizational and business leaders, policy makers, directors, and any other interested person, to enable them to achieve their objectives.

June 14, 2019 16:06

The ongoing democratic process in Africa is very expensive in terms of organising the various elections. However, business leaders provide most of the financial resources needed to organize elections. For example, in 2006 in Benin, a private operator active in the cotton sector was the main funder of the current president's campaign.

June 14, 2019 16:00

It is important to mention all these categories of actors in the debate on the emergence of new leaders because, first, of the clientelistic relationships that bind them to political leaders and, second, because of their financial means, thanks to which many of them have become kings' makers.

June 14, 2019 15:59

he children of these different categories of African entrepreneurs have been trained in the best universities and prestigious business schools in the United States, Great Britain and France, and have recently returned to Africa to control the banking, insurance, microfinance and trading sectors.