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Ms Neema Mahimbo is the founder and CEO of AYANNA BRANDS TANZANIA, that partners with low-income communities in Kilimanjaro region, to serve the deprived people from the dreadful impact of poverty by transforming environmental management into social entrepreneurship through banning the use of non biodegradable lightweight carrying bags and introduce Eco friendly alternative carrying bags. Ayanna Brands Tanzania act as a primary catalyst to move the economy and generate sustainable growth while reducing poverty levels SDG 1. The idea will grew up into a very successful manufacturing industrial business in the country, employing many people i.e. women and youth, and significantly contribute to sustainable economic development. Neema was invited by WIPO/ARIPO/OAPI(WAO), Embassy of Japan and the Republic of Zimbabwe in a workshop and conference on Intellectual Property, Innovation and creativity for Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in Harare Zimbabwe, 2019.

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Neema Mahimbo