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Manufacturing of Solar Powered Radio

Solar power provides advantages for remote locations where there is a need for power but no electricity available. For example, if you go to the mountains for a camping trip or to the beach for a day in the sun there are no electrical outlets to conveniently plug in to. You might want to use something as simple as a radio that runs on dc power and you can use solar power for this application since a solar panel supplies dc electrical current. Mini radios run on batteries so are easily converted to a solar radio. Batteries will work for a day or so but if you need to use the radio for many days you would have to carry a lot of batteries with you and the cost can be very high. Also, there are people that live in areas where power is never available and they do not have an endless supply of batteries. For people that want to run a laptop computer there are commercial laptop solar panels that can be used to run the laptop or charge the computer battery.

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