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Nishit Sangomla


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i-3 crafts

India is a land of religion and culture, from these were born the seeds of creativity- the handicrafts. Indian handicrafts are world famous and are heavily sought after, places in India such as Kashmir, Rajasthan, Himachal etc. are famous for specific items. These items are bought at cheap prices from the creators and sold at very high prices both in the national and international market. We at i-3 crafts want to bridge this gap, we want to work for the upliftment of these poor but talented craftsmen before it is too late. i-3 crafts wants to utilize the advancement in e-commerce technology to take India-the actual India to the world. It is high time to realize that starting NGO's and social clubs will not be enough to empower a country but the proper utilization of it's people will.

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