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Njeke Egbe


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Njeke Joshua is an expert in organic farming, a very passionate feminist activist, blogger and 'gender equality' campaigner in Cameroon. Njeke is known for advocating for the rights of vulnerable boys, girls and women in education, health and security. He uses interactive dialogues, boys, girl-and-women's clubs and workshops to promote gender equality. Apart from being a is a graduate in the fields of Agriculture and Community development, Njeke is a former professional hand baller and a fitness coach from youths and adults suffering with dieting problems.

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I struggled to survive from food insecurity, starvation and malnutrition inspired Njeke Joshua to start setting up food crop farms and vegetable gardens in and for local orphanages. He saw himself through school and decided to study agriculture with the sole goal to help grow supplementary food crops for healthy and nutritious meals and to train young orphans who have no opportunities in engaging in any income generating activities to improve on their livelihoods so that they may successfully support their needs.
Determined to help orphanages look beyond occasional donations and ensuring sustainable food production by combining agriculture and entrepreneurship ended him an award in 2015. He won the 2015 “Future Agro Challenge” competition in Cameroon hosted by AGROWorld with his community poultry project. His entire work is in fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2.