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Business Studies teacher. Debate Coach. Basket Ball player.

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Funding for my idea, business expertise.

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My entrepreneurial journey started 6 years ago when I started teaching. I work with youth and teach them to use business skills and other skills they learn in the institute to survive. We run two year business projects around campus which we dissolve upon each group’s graduation.

Last year 2018 I entered the African Entrepreneurship Award by the BMCE Bank of Africa. I was one of the 30 finalist that made it to the boot camp in Casablanca Morroco. I’m using all that I learned to improve my class content and to establish a Sports Academy in Lesotho.

My passion for working with youth is what inspired my idea. And also the fact that I teach and coach debate. I see a lot of potential in them and it needs to be natured so they can actualize themselves.

I also do some business consulting to a few of my friends. Helping them with financial management, preparing financial accounts at the end of the financial year, recruiting and training staff. I also enjoy setting up social media accounts for their business and manage most of them in my spare time.

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'Masechaba Nkisi