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Nnamdi Valentine Nnanna


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I was born in a humble home in Anambra State, Nigeria. My dad is an Engineer and my mum, a nurse. Despite these beautiful professions, I couldn’t escape the challenges associated with the environmental, economic and social factors that affect every African child. I was one of the lucky ones I would say, but this didn’t give me the usual, “sit down and wait for life attitude “. It spurred a deep desire in me to see a better Africa. That which gives every one an equal fighting chance, thus my desire for leadership and enterprise despite my profession.
During my student days, I headed several planning committees and held various lead positions of student movement. I was rewarded as the most innovative student leader of the year in 2014 in one of the nongovernmental non profit oriented organisations I served in that year. My passion for higher impact is what drove me into entrepreneurship. I founded an enterprise still at its infancy stage intended to offer electronic waste management and soil remediation services to my country and Africa. R-VMP was recently recommended among the 2019 cohort of Tony Elumelu Foundation as one of the prospective start ups of the year.
I am committed to a legacy that will see the end of poverty in Africa, boost agricultural outcomes and ensure a clean environment for our future.