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EARN(Environmental Aptitude, Recycle for Naira)WEALTH is a strategy campaign to make Nigeria a model for Africa on how to turn environmental recyclable wastes into wealth by deploying pick-for-reward responsible habits that deliver benefits to every stakeholder; The Government, Companies, Investors, Citizens and the Environment beginning with Nigerias capital city, Abuja. Only in 2012, Nigeria experienced her worst flood disaster in history with 30 of the countrys 36 states affected in a roar that span through a period of 4 months with some 1.3 million Nigerians displaced and a total of 431 deaths recorded(Premium Times, October 2012) . This carnage was traceable to heavy rains viz- a- viz the opening of Lagdo Dam in Cameroon and blocked drainage systems; one a natural cause, and the other artificial. Wastes that readily find their way to our drainages are mostly PET Bottles (i.e. translucent water and drink bottles), Pure water sachets and Aluminium cans dumped indiscriminately. The present practice in tackling this challenge has been from the surface; employing road cleaners and out-sourcing to waste disposer outfits which have proved insufficient and ineffective because the source is left unaddressed. The EARNWEALTH solution is designed to address the source, sustain the process and create a wealthy and healthy environment.

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