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drawing, research, analyses, agriculture, management, work under pressure, creative thinking, problem solver.

I´m constantly looking for

R & D, to make sure of the materials safety and the track of the reverse decay of the polymers, Finance, to build adirect line with outside chemicals fo raw materials, build our lab, hyiring staff like chemist to start manufacturing and lunch our product to the market.

My profile

CEO-Founder of ISOTOPE company for agricultural related polymers

Part of Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge with the binational team from the USA and won 2nd place

Representative for youth for Global Artificial Intelligence Summit in the Dead sea 2019-2020

Representative for youth for Global Youth Summit 2020-2021

Holds both a Certificate of Academic Excellence and a Certificate of painting Excellence

Representative for youth for the scientific day 2019 at MEU university

The youngest certified coach for robot training at Ammar Malhas Association for Technology
Part of Injaz incubation program

Part of Startovia incubation program

Part of Shamal-Start incubation program

A member of ROBO IBDA’A Team, Ammar Malhas Technology Center for the FLL (first lego league) competition
Participated in the 18th National Robotics Competition in 2018 and got the strategy and innovation award and robot performance award First place
Participated in the 11th Arab Robotics Competition Egypt an got the Champion’s Award First place and robot performance award second place
Participated in the Global Championship in USA Huston Texas and got the Mechanical Design Award-First place
Participated in the 19th National Robotics Competition in 2019 and got Champion’s Award-First place on both Jordan and the Arab Champion’s Award-First place
In addition to hosting the team on Hala Radio, Jordan Channel, Al Jazeera News, Jordan times and youth summit
Participated in book reading contest for six years and got the first place twice on the Kingdom level and second place over the Kingdom level
Participated in the Arab Reading Challenge competition for two years and reached the kingdom qualifications twice
Participated in more than 30 drawing competitions and got first place on the Kingdom level for free painting, first place in the Jerusalem in Our Eyes competition, three first places at the regional and district levels and 13 first place over schools level
Participated in the Jerusalem Contest for the Arabic and English Essay. Won the first place for the Arabic article at the Kingdom level and the third place in the English article
Participated in Al-Hussein Competition for Creativity and Excellence in a project for alternative energy and the environment from my innovation, which is based on the idea of an energy-generating reservoir from the buoyancy mechanism unit connected to an irrigation system that works to reduce the water consumption in agriculture by half
Participated in Basma summer camp and Sablat El Hassan camp with bronze, silver, and gold levels, under the auspices of Prince Hassan
Participated in many seminars at Al Hussein Business Park and at a Center for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics and in many celebrations as a main party presenter
Participated in tech girls pair as a junior associate
Participated in NASA space apps challenge
Got first place in chess competition at the regional level, first place in the mathematics competition, and first place in poetic recitation and puzzles.
Member of the school team for volleyball, basketball and badminton
In addition to creating a scientific project permanent friend H an alternate friend of the astronaut is taken from the idea of a holographic hologram
And another project with the ROBO IBDA’A team, where it provides a solution to the problem of muscular dystrophy. The research has been sent to NASA space agency with the promotion of the product for use on Earth also for disc patients in the name of Anti Atrophy
Participated in the Hult Prize competition, and the team won Tokyo regionals as top 6, in addition to sign a 6-month developing contract with Injaz Foundation as my startup team in addition to an invitation for the team to attend a conference in Germany, Frankfurt (The International Conference On Polymer Science and Composite Materials)

I am..

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Nourhan Algahrabli


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