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Creative Craft

1. Working in impoverished and high risk communities ridden with unemployment, school failures, substance abuse, domestic violence and high crime; it has become apparent to me that there is a lack of self mastery. There is a general veil of hopelessness which has lead to a low standard of living for the young and future generations. This is a project that will expose people living in these areas to key leadership principles, self development and economic capacity building. I believe that if we can approach these key areas creatively, the people are inspired to tap into their creativity hence purpose, to enhance their own knowledge, build a thirst for functional homes and can be empowered to use creativity to increase productivity in the communities. Access to positive role models within their demographics through wilderness leadership camps with CEOs and Managers. The project will be using alternative therapies which have been proven to increase mental capacity such as NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, yoga, transcendental meditation, music etc. After the first stage the participants will be invited to skills training in hand crafting up cycled corporate gifts. Designing and printing creative business cards, diaries (also using recycled material) which will be the profit making leg of the business. There is an opportunity for growth in skills training in hospitality, social enterprise, leadership coaching/facilitation, motivational speaking, entrepreneurship, practioner of modalities the beneficiaries resonate most with offered in the programme. There will also be opportunity for trained participants to get enterprise development and start SME from skills learned and thus become suppliers for Creative Craft.

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