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Nur Hikmah Wirda Amna


Project Overview

Past Food Now - Empowering Women and Preserving Traditional Snack

In Indonesia, snack is dominated with bakery. Almost no room for traditional snack on these field. Traditional snack can be miserably found at traditional market which have minimum packaging and display. Past-Food Now is traditional snack store with modern system operating procedure. Making it can be a way to preserve and raising traditional snacks value. It has two major selling way, 1. Display traditional snack on the store daily and 2. Snack catering for events (priority). Almost Indonesian lunch and snack for events such as conference and workshop, serve on boxes. Unlike buffet catering, box catering need less display space and easy to organize. Past-food Now catering personalize menu that will fit consumer taste bud and budget. The menu based on consumer choose or budget per box (we choose the menu). People rather bakery product because traditional snack is lack in processing and packaging, so it has short life storage and looks unsafety. Improving process and packaging will be our priority to increase its value. Packaging and distributing will be our major activity. We planning to empower people who live around us (especially women) to produce the snack. Almost women in village only being a housewife and their husband work as labor who paid low monthly. Producing snack at home will give them another income. I want to build a village of skillful women in making traditional snack. Another advantage is that we wont need to build a factory. If catering order explode we dont have to worry because using household will be easier to raising the production rate than factory which has limited production rate. Theres will be a lot of household who will share to fill the order and if it cant fill the order, we can ask for another household on another village.

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