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Nurudeen Issa


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I'm a penultimate student of Mechanical engineering. I have skill in technology, leadership, project management, designing, programming, innovation and business idea.

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I need support and collaboration from great minded youth around the globe to take my innovative idea and startup to the next level.

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Currently, i am the representative of my department with the population of about 500students. I am also an Enactus member (a global student organisation) holding a position of Project lead coordinator. I am the Awareness Manager of Hultprize Bayero University. Even with the extra curricular activities i engaged myself in, am still one of the students topping my class with the percentage CGPA of 85%. In December 2019 i was awarded a scholarship from Nigeria federal government body call Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) to pursue my UG programme. I will be a delegate at ECOWAS submit to discuss the development of Africa and Africa Union AU agender 2063. Also, I am the Co-founder of Sirius-X Energy, a startup initiative focuses on improving Nigeria and West Africa Energy through renewables.