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As in most developing countries, poor waste disposal has become a socio-economic threat, with Zimbabwes urban waste collection rates dropping from 80% in the mid-1990s to as low as 20% in 2007. An increasing population of 13 million, emergence of small-scale businesses and poor municipal waste management, it clearly means that waste generation will increase than ever. Government has not been able to eradicate the problem with one municipal waste truck in each city, only a tenth of the waste is properly disposed. The rest is being dumped indiscriminately in drainage systems and on road sides. Lack of environmental awareness has led to ignorance among the citizens about the dangerous effects of poor waste management. For this reason, Ecocyclers seeks to address urban waste by building a community of passionate recycling citizens by increasing environmental awareness in a fun, smart and educational way attractive to the younger generation. Using a Mobile-Point Redemption software or an Electronic-Point-Wallet (EPW). Households subscribe to Ecocyclers, based on the weight of their waste they receive SMS-Point incentives via their EPW. Through this the points can be redeemed into cell phone credit of mobile network of choice and further redeemable as cash from E-wallets. Ecocyclers does a door to door convenient waste collection from our subscribers using a low-cost, locally made and environmentally friendly fleet of tricycle-powered vehicles. The recyclable material is transported to a Deport station for sorting out for either feeding into established recycling plants or recycled into marketable goods at the Deport such as bags and mats. The organic components of the waste can be dried and grounded into clean alternative fuel energy for cooking (briquettes). This project will increase environmental awareness and create job opportunities in the community.

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