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high school student

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Research on materials, eletronics,environmental assessment of the impact of the idea, market, users, in order to come up with relevant design

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Omphile Motlhanke
17 years old
Former pact member of Tsabong Junior Secondary School
Awards: Best Design& Technology JC 2013
Qualities: Knowledge in Commerce Subject, Design & Technology subject

Best student Design and Technology

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omphile motlhanke


Project Overview

Solar Cooling Umbrella

I want to come up with a solar cooling umbrella which is environmental friendly. The product will be powered by the sun and it will have tiny fans underneath or inside to provide cooling. My innovative approach is to see my idea taking the community to a level where it will benefit them. The exiting thing about my product is that it can be used by people of all ages and it will be safe and even during rainy seasons, it can be used, it is water resistant.

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