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obinna onwuka


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It is quite appalling that the reading culture among youths is gradually becoming poor. According to educational experts, a major phenomenon that has been linked to the declining reading culture is the distractive and wrong application of information and communication technology device and the high cost of books. There is a need to curtail this problem before it escalates to an extreme. Personally, I think that a solution to this problem is the utilization of information and communication technology device, mobile phone that has been linked to causing poor reading culture in solving the problem. There is hardly a youth that does not own a mobile phone, and does not chat or use any of the social networks. Thus, my idea is all about creating a mobile educational-social application which will have features such as; an e-library where users can get free eBooks that interests him or her to read because I found out through my personal research that the major cause of the decline in reading culture in our youths, today, is the none availability of books to remote areas and the high cost of books. And a feature that will enable users to learn in a fun and vibrate way, as a user can make friends with other users that share the same interests with him or her and recommend books for friends. This application will partner with educational institutions and organizations, including individuals and other organizations willing to assist in improving the reading culture of youths in the world.

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