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Sospeter Obong'o


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I am a recent graduate with a degree in Statistics. Thus, I am an enthusiastic researcher, data analysis expert, and writer. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics. I am also passionate about entrepreneurship, and I have dedicated myself to finding solutions to some of the global challenges like climate change and land degradation.

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I am looking for entrepreneural training, mentorship and initial capital to implement my idea.

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My entrepreneurial journey started when I invested in a small agribusiness project immediately when I graduated. This made me identify several opportunities that youths can invest in and create jobs for themselves. My aim is to identify untapped opportunities and come up with innovative ideas to exploit them. I am driven by the spirit of job creation and innovation. My idea has already been admitted to the second stage of Mbele Na Biz Competition, a program by the government of Kenya to help innovative youths with grants to enable them to implement their innovative ideas.