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Youth leadership training, community sensitisation & mobilisation, Entrepreneurial coaching, Renewable energy enhancement

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Who would bear, the look on the face of a mother..unable to feed her undernourished child?, Who can bowel, the tears of young Sub-Saharan rural communities unable to send their kids to school,let alone provide adequate life needs??
As a 27 year old student Pilot,raised from a humble background, inspired by my late mother who was a social worker and fighter for child care, welfare and rights at Bethany Project, mentored to become an advocate and young peer educator affiliating with Save the Children International, Midlands AIDS Caring Organisation (MACO)’s Young People We Care group ,GTZ Join in the Circuit (JIC) facilitation in STIs awareness and treatment;
I was a leader holding various posts at school but of significance,after a decade of voluntary work, was appointed Board of Trustees Chairman of the Bethel Capacity Building Trust, a non popitical Trust that empowers youths and women from diverse backgrounds in poverty eradication through sustainable projects,am the founder and CEO of the Rayden International Group, an intergration of young enterprenuers in Infrastructure and Renewable energy enrichment, ELCZ Western Deanery LLJF Chairman mentoring youths from rural communities of the Lower Midlands.

I have a strong passion for community development ,to wipe away those tears..to eradicate social constraints in rural communities, their failure to access higher education when breadwinner passes away, a path I succumbed to..but never a setback for that is an opportunity for sustainable poverty eradication solutions that only need simpler integrated approaches to alleviate impending effects -Obviate, my name defined! To be the hub of innovation in making this world a better place!

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Obviate Nkala