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A study by Obua, professor Agea and Ogwal in 2010 indicates that forests and woodlands cover about 14% of Ugandas land plane. Over the last 30 years, growth in human population and a resultant increase in demand for forest products for domestic and industrial use, expansion of agricultural land, illegal settlements and weak forest management capacity have adversely affected the status of forests in Uganda, particularly the biodiversity. Until recently, little attention had been paid to development of commercial forests which should have provided alternative forest products and services to relieve the pressure on natural forests and conserve biodiversity. As a consequence, Ugandas forests have been degraded with detrimental effects on the biodiversity. The Forest Stewardship Council emerged as one of the solutions to global forest decline and is generally regarded as the principal paradigm of certification as an international governance tool. An article by Axel Marx in 2010 found out that the overall effectiveness of certification on halting deforestation is still limited due to the exclusion of developing countries from the certification process, and the market driven nature of certification initiatives. In Uganda the challenge is further aggravated by the lack of publicity of these certification schemes. The topic of forest certification is only best known by environmental scholars in the country, big forest companies and other relevant authorities. Another problem is the fact that the ordinary forest users are constantly being driven out of these natural resources which have for years been their source of livelihood without finding for them comparable alternatives. The Professional Foresters Association therefore plans to be a non profit organization adopting the following objectives as it joins the world in the strive to accomplish a sustainably managed forest sector 1. Increase publicity of forest certification schemes and their importance in the urban areas 2. Work with relevant organizations and communities in order bring to light comparably profitable ventures to engage in for communities around the forest and be the front runners in championing the implementation of such endeavors 3. Building capacity among the local tree farmers through training so that the can appreciate forest certification. 4. Carry out arrange of research activities in order to discover better strategies to make the international community adopt forest certification. 5. Be the front runners in identifying profitable markets for local certified tree farms 6. Participate and promote any action or inaction that results in the achievement of sustainable forest management.

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