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ogonna felicia okwukogu


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I am a makeup artist, who is good in bridal, proffessional, and personal make up. I am also good with women hait, I braid and fix weaves

I´m constantly looking for

three hundres thousand naira to get myself started, the rest I can put in with my gainings

My profile

I am a citizen of Nigeria, an indigene of anambra state the eastern part of Nigeria. I was born and bred in kaduna state, I am 26 years old. Graduated from the University of Nigeria where I studied mass communication. I was recognised as the most socialble student in school.I tend to be social enough which would help a great deal in my skill which reqires meeting people which include celebrities amongs all

Project Overview

make-up artistry

To enrich lives of young women by offering them quality services such as bridal makeup, proffessional makeup, personal makeup, hair braiding, weave fixing, nail fixing etc,to enhance their self-esteem and beauty. These product and services can be used as a tool for becoming self employed, financially indepent and skillfully creative.

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