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Solid Waste Management (Medical, Plastic, & Municipal), Recycling, and Treatment. I am article and column writer of three daily and two weekly English newspapers of Bangladesh on Environmental issues.

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I wish to build a career as an environmentalist, green social entrepreneur, and researcher where I will get the great opportunity to prove my brilliancy, education, and working proficiency.

Business Idea Planning and Implementation, Project Planning and Management, Environmental Management, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Ethics, EIA and Sustainable Development, Environmental Economics, Wastewater Treatment and Water Supply, Environmental System Analysis and Modelling, Ecosystem and Wetlands Management, Environmental Microbiology, Climate Change and Adaptation to Natural Disaster, Environmental Health and Sanitation, Forest Resource and Social Forest Management, Environmental Chemistry, and Environmental Law & Policy.

Green Social Business, New Employment Creation, Medical Waste, Municipal Solid Waste, Agricultural Waste, Food Waste, and E-waste, Landfill, Composting, Anaerobic Digestion, Waste to Energy Conversion (Incineration, Pyrolysis, Gasification), Renewable Energy, Biomass Technology, Waste Recycling, Plastic Wastes, Green Polymer, Environmental Chemistry and Molecular Microbiology, LCA, MFA, and GIS.

Research Assistant (RA) in “Management of Natural Resources and Community Forest project in Chunati Wildlife Sanctury (MNRCF-Chunati), Chittagong, Bangladesh” project funded by GIZ (January to December, 2012).
Research Assistant (RA) in “Community Based Adaptation to Ecologically Critical Areas through Biodiversity Conservation and Social Protection Project, Cox’sBazar, Bangladesh” project funded by IUCN (January to June, 2013).
Research Assistant (RA) in “Socio-economic Evaluation of Ship Breaking Industry in Bangladesh” project under the 21st Century Culture and Science Foundation grant from Japan (July to December, 2013).
Enumerator in “USAID’s Climate Resilient Ecosystems and Livelihoods-CREL” Project under Community Development Centre (CODEC) (June to August, 2014).

Undergraduate Dissertation: I have completed my undergraduate dissertation on “Healthcare Waste Management in Chittagong City”.
Graduate Dissertation: I have completed my graduate dissertation on “A Life-Cycle Perspective Healthcare Waste Management in Chittagong Metropolitan and Its Inner Factors”.
Graduate Dissertation: I have completed my second graduation dissertation on “Simultaneous Treatment of Plastic Bags (PBs): Pollution Characterization and Energy Recovery” adopting incineration and pyrolysis technologies.

International Workshop on “Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Material Flow Analysis (MFA)” held on 3-4 December 2012, IFESCU, University of Chittagong.
International Workshop on “Solid Waste and Contaminated Sites: Risk-informed Approaches and Regulations for Reclamation, Treatment, Use or Disposal” held on 12-15 April 2015, the 2nd IWWGR-ARB Symposium, Shanghai 200092, P.R. China

Training Program on “Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change for Bangladesh”
held on 6-7 August 2013, Center for Climate Change & Sustainability Research (HEQEP:CP-260) Department of Civil Engineering, DUET, Gazipur
Training Course on “Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) for Evaluating Treatment Processes, Waste Disposal and Beneficial Use of Secondary Materials – Tools, Methodology, Modeling and Examples.” Held on 12-15 April 2015, the 2nd IWWGR-ARB Symposium, Shanghai 200092, P.R. China
‘Summer School’ organized by Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Chinese (CAS), held on 15-18th July, 2015 in Xiamen, China
“International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability” held on 3-8 June, 2016, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

#Publications (Journal and Conference)
I have published peer-reviewed nine international conference papers and nine journal papers based on my academic research works. Besides, I have two journal papers under review.

I write article on Energy, Waste Management, and Environment which are published every month by the following mentioned English newspaper of Bangladesh –
o The Daily Independent
o The Daily Sun
o The Financial Express
o Energy Bangla (Weekly) and
o Holiday (Weekly)

Masters of Environmental Engineering – Tongji University, China – 2016
Masters of Environmental Science – University of Chittagong, Bangladesh – 2013
B.Sc. (Hons.) in Environmental Science – University of Chittagong, Bangladesh – 2012
Higher Secondary School Certificate (Science) – Govt. City College, Chittagong – 2006
Secondary School Certificate (Science) – Shilkhali High School, Chittagong – 2004

I have an excellent skill in both English and Bengali language listening, reading, writing and speaking fluency, and basic ideas about Chinese.

I have expert levels in basic Computer applications –
o Microsoft Office Management
o Data Analysis (SPSS, SigmaPlot, OriginPro)
o Illustrator (basic), and
o GIS (basic)

• Chinese Scholarship Council – CSC and Marine Scholarship of China, 2014-15
• Tongji University President Scholarship Award, 2015

 International Waste Working Group (IWWG): Regular Student Member
 Human Development Foundation (HDF): Member

o Participant: Festival of New Entrepreneurs (Uddokta Utsob) – January, 2013 held in Chittagong, Bangladesh
o Participant: National Entrepreneurs Summit – April, 2013 held in Dhaka, Bangladesh
o Participant: Hult Prize 2015 (Local and Regional Competition)

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Ohidul Alam


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