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My name is Okiru Peter, a Ugandan by Nationality born in 1986. I studied in a remote village school in both my primary and secondary level of education. During my primary level of education, I was a head prefect and in my secondary level I was a perfect as well. After my secondary level I joined a university to study a degree in development studies and I completed in 2011. I am intrinsically motivated to undertake a social enterprise like the one we the youth group has come up with. I like to see and promote community development. I do not give up when I want to do something. I work very well with members in our group.

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okiru peter


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Laundary soap making enterprise

Laundry /washing soap making enterprise is a cottage industry which will produce washing soap locally at home using raw materials such as gastric soda, pure palm oil, palm oil, color , water and perfume. Some of these raw materials will be bought and some will be got locally. The main objective of the enterprise is to manufacture 1000 bars of laundry soap per month. The soap will be manufactured locally at home and then distributed to out let points like retail soaps and markets. The enterprise will also sell the soap using other marketing methods like door to door sale in which sales men will be given commission for the sales made. The enterprise is innovative because the soap that is going to be manufactured is of good quality, the size is bigger than the soap sold now and it is going to be thinker and durable. The soap will have a very good smell and the price will be a little bit lower than the present price of the same product sold in the market. Research has been carried out and a sample of soap made and the demand for this homemade soap is very high and the market is very wide. Every home in Uganda uses at least a bar of washing soap per week and no home in Uganda can do without washing soap. Most rural people use the washing soap for bathing as well.

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