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I am talented at providing innovative ideas in solving impending and nagging problems by utilizing my leadership skills such as motivational skill, commitment, good communication skill, positiveness and strategic flexibility very well.

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I am a smart and young entrepreneur born on 13th March, 1987 in Imo state Nigeria and has been in charge of making decisions that have effective impact on businesses due to my diverse experiences in management and science.
My education career began formally at a community primary school in 1995; and in 2002, I was able to complete a post primary education and obtain senior secondary certificates in flying colors.
Late 2003, I gained admission to study Micro-biology in a higher institution but forfeited it due to financial constraints. However, in 2006, another examination leading to higher education was retaken and I was successfully given admission into the university to study Biotechnology.
Throughout my study years at the university, I was devoted to my studies and extra-curriculum activities. In 2012, I graduated; and later in 2014, I applied and gained admission to read Biochemistry at Masters Degree level. I graduated from the programme in 2017 and was awarded the Degree certificates in 2018.
Nevertheless, I have been awarded several leadership and entrepreneurship certificates, several Diploma certificates in computer programmes (2006, 2012) and a certificate in Education (2017).

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Johnpaul Okoro