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Talent: Poetry and Creative writing Skill:(Obtained a National Diploma In Administrative Management and Finance(Finance-Reporting etc and Human Resource-Payroll etc)

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Finance- to hire professional help and get the resources to make the project a reality.

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Personal Achievement
My name is Olga Mahlangu, I am 27 years old and currently residing in South Africa.
What I regard as my personal achievement is my ability to get into a world of work and strive in a level I did not presume possible. I completed my National Diploma in Administrative Management and Finance with Tshwane University of Technology. My entre level in the work place was as a Rental Administrator (Debtors Clerk) at a Real Estate Company for a year, I later resigned and applied to be an Assistant to the Finance Manager (Later Business Manager) at a prestigious school in our province St Marys Diocesan School for Girls, there I was exposed to a much broader level of Finance and Human Resource enabling me to compile and present reports at a more sophisticated level within a year I was able to assist three Top management with their daily duties with ease.

Reason for being an entrepreneur
My decision to be an entrepreneur was influenced by my community and fellow graduates. After completing my studies, I did not struggle to get a job but that was not the case with many graduates despite their capabilities they are unemployed due to financial strains companies are in. Most companies are inflexible which as a result find themselves stagnant. Also, the youth that was unable to complete their studies due to various reasons found themselves in the same boat of stagnation. Lack of employment, youth that is deprived knowledge/skills and children exposed to only poverty became my drive to become an entrepreneur. It goes beyond monetary value it is the impact beyond recognition that matters.

Entrepreneurial Achievement
Under Olga Mahlangu’s leadership Royalty was able to be funded for one of their Projects by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Her ability to expand and redistribute knowledge has allowed the team to perform at it’s best, she splits the team according to their strengths Finance (Feasibility and Sustainability), Technology (ECO Friendliness and Uniqueness) and Social Impact (Youth, Opportunities and Poverty).

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