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Sharp Sand, Stones And Gravel Haulage

Our activities involves contracting construction companies on dredging of sand from river sources, stone crushing and employing our integrated electronic instant hauling and delivery service company with innovation,style and quality of products and services.we will put certain facilities in place,like Securing a one hectare fenced or barbed wired dumping valley land near the beach,Securing 5pieces of Land for urban sand and stone dump and also for auto mechanic workshop of dilapidated trucks.contracting construction firm for to use Sand dredger machine for dredging large mass of sand from river to the dump valley and Stone crusher for crushing stone and gravel into different sizes,and using their excavators to proper packing of sand, stones or gravel and loading the aggregate in delivery trucks,From my Personal Savings i shall Purchase an artistically branded Trucks and Tippers for hauling aggregates to construction sites,Purchase of an electronic scale for measuring the tons of aggregates.This haulage business requires some human resources categorically grouped into two:Skilled labor which includes: Manager,Secretary,Supervisor,Accountant/cashier,Auto servicemen,dredger machine operator, Excavator operators, truck drivers.Unskilled labor which includes: Truck conductors and security men.We shall run a more open customer friendly business, whereby every worker and clients will have direct access to the Directors office/contacts, trucks shall bear direct phone contacts of the management for complaints. There will be FREE calls for members of the company.All workers shall be subjected to equal treatment and benefits while upholding our mission statement. Every worker shall be required to sign in and out at the beginning and closures of work each day. We shall conduct a regular monthly staff/ departmental performance and assessment report which shall be accompanied by a token reward. we shall employ over 1000 youths there by reducing the impacts of insurgencies(Boko Haram)and crime in Nigeria.

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