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Within the area of ​​sustainability and education that I have always been engaged in, I neglect to create projects that benefit the benefit of each person who will use it, as a good communicator and speaker in education as a young protagonist in the institute of co-responsibility for education in the Brazil, taking the model of integral schools to all the states of my country. Another skill I have is empathy and the search for the new, in an unselfish, but sharing of projects and ideas that go out of the common, that seek something bigger and one reaches all the public, regardless of gender, race, sex or religion . In the year 2019 I researched and wrote a social / scientific article on the Venezuelan crisis, in particular the immigrants who are in my state of Pernambuco.

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A hard battle since the creation of my project is the investment, the lack of opportunity and the important that education itself has been taken, some obstacles were created and passed along the way, when starting from scratch, but the idea is good is very difficult for people living in the northeast of a third world country, being clear and fast projects and ideas that are good, but for the public power do not bring a seemingly practical benefit there is a lack of investment and credibility, maybe not is just my obstasculos, but like many young people who are now starting the career of social entrepreneurs, it is an arduous task, a struggle for the betterment of society that often society itself does not give a certain value.

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My name is Lucas, I’m from Recife-Pernambuco. I have always been involved with social and voluntary projects and I seek to increase opportunities for access to the human rights of the population. At school, I participated in student movements to improve school quality in Recife; dance and theater workshops of Cervac (Center for rehabilitation and appreciation of children), a wonderful work with people who have some kind of decifiencia, also participated in the program “Win the world” of the state government, with English and Spanish classes so that low-income students can exchange abroad. I am concerned with social and mental well-being, with reference to inclusion as the only way to maintain the balance between society and government, I participated in the SECOPA volunteer program in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil as a linguistic interpreter. I won the award for best social entrepreneurship project for the learning of the Citizen Network in Recife, a project in the creation of a bench made of recycled material to build something to reduce inequality within the schools of my state! I am a social entrepreneur in Recife, creator of 3 projects (a bench of access to quality for people with disabilities within the school units, a communication application for improvement between doctors and administrative staff and an illustrative map of care facilitating the location of patients of the institute of the children’s rehabilitation Altino Ventura Foundation and a social article about the vulnerability of my state. I am an ambassador of Politize (Political School responsible for carrying out quality political education) and I am a part of the Youth in the UN 2030, mentoring program to create projects according to the ODS.

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Lucas Oliveira


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