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Mónica Maya


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IUVENIA Award for youth-friendly enterprises

The IUVENIA Award is an initiative to reward and recognize companies that have the best working conditions for young people in Mexico. It will consist on a badge that will be part of the companies public image. Criteria for the evaluation will be developed in a fill-in format. The more points the enterprise wins, the more possibilities to be recognized with the IUVENIA badge. It will be awarded annually. This is an innovative project in that it approaches a very common and deeply-rooted problem of our society (youth unemployment and lack of decent youth employment conditions) in a very positive way. Instead of pointing fingers at companies that are failing to offer young people good working opportunities, we are positively pointing out those companies which in fact are, thus encouraging young people to come work for them and other companies to seek this kind of recognition. This kind of initiative is not common in our country and it can help us re-shape the way society looks at both young people and private enterprises.

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