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A quick learner that gives so much attention to details. Highly motivated and always enthusiastic in knowing more about things. I have a strong work ethic, flexible and determined. I have the knowledge of MS office, AutoCAD software, and some other specialist software.My professional goals are to become a certified network engineer, a successful business owner, and a voice that brings positive changes to the society. It is pertinent to my career to learn how to network better and attend networking events. I will also develop my programming skill so as to be more relevant in this modern world.

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This idea of mine needs sponsor(s) and mentor(s) that would help in visualizing my long-time dream for the people of my country. Thanks.

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A motivated, adaptable, and responsible computing undergraduate seeking a position in an IT and marketing position which will help me develop my intellectual skills both technically and professionally. I have a methodical, customer-focused approach to work, and a strong drive to see things through to completion.I enjoy reading non-fiction books, solving puzzles, and ensuring that I am always up-to-date. I play football often, because I believe a healthy body is the key to a focused mind in today’s hectic society.
I have acquired training in CCNA and AutoCAD 2D, in which I was certified by the institutes.
I led my school team to a 4th place victory in the Eli Strategy and Business plan competition, 2015, for all tertiary schools in Nigeria. I was awarded the most valuable player of the online business plan simulation game in the competition.

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Oluwagbenga Ogunsanya


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