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I am a Teacher by profession and certified entrepreneur by Enterprise Development Centre (EDC). However, I am proficiency in the following skills; 1. Project management. 2. Resource management. 3. Computer software and appreciations. 4. Accounting

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Fund to procure automated waste compacting trucks and tippers to aid my business efficiency and effectiveness.

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My mother is a trader and trading is our family business from birth. I have been actively engage in managing my mother’s business as a teenager. I have been actively engage in pastry and interior decoration right from school and undertook so many projects for Churches, Marriage Ceremonies, Birthday Celebrations etc. I had my National Certificate in Education (NCE) from the National Teachers Institute (NTI) Kaduna with keen interest in environmental science. I have an Entrepreneurship certificate from YOUWIN Entrepreneurship training in Abuja and with my 6years cumulative working experience in waste management and other related fields like Administration, Marketing, Operational and Resource Management skills needed for successful running of this business. I have taught in about 3 private schools before now in Ogbomoso Oyo State where I was saddle a responsibility of headmaster to manage the school and delegating responsibility to other teachers (staffs).

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