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Olwethu Nkonzo


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Social Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Mentoring, Events management

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Olwethu Nkonzo is a young social entrepreneur, business strategist, event organiser, a mentor and a public speaker. He studied Bcom General at the University of the Western Cape and majored in Information Systems. Year (2017) he served as a Peer Facilitator at UWC where his duties was to help first year student acclimatize to tertiary level both academically and socially through motivational talks, games, orientation and mentoring. His hard work was acknowledged and was awarded the Best Peer Facilitator 2017. He then became inspired to continue with leadership-related activities, he did a short awareness course called “Self-Empowerment and Mastery course which he completed on April 2017. In the same year, he then became a Mentor for a organisation called Releasing Eagles where he was allocated a mentee and his duty was to provide guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modelling. He is still committed to mentoring his mentee and they are finishing a second successful year this year (2018). Olwethu is a big advocate for Personal growth. He uses his free time to read leadership books, attends seminars and weekly coaching sessions with his consciousness coach, Dirk Davis. Olwethu is a big advocate of Personal growth, He always believed that in order for him to develop others, he had to develop himself first. He is also driven by John C Maxwell’s quotes that says “The more you learn and grow as a leader, so will those you lead. The moment you stop learning and growing, so will your ability to lead. Furthermore, Olwethu made it to the Grad Connection Top 100 future leaders 2017. He was selected from student from twenty universities across the country. Year 2018, he attended Activate leadership course which he completed on July 2018. I have chosen this work so i can not only share my knowledge and experience, but also to learn and grow as a leader.

Personally, I think the most important quality of a leader is having a Positive Attitude. Life is difficult for individuals, it is twice as difficult for a leader as he/she does not focus solely on his best interest, but also on the people’s best interest. Therefore, it is very important that a leader maintain a positive attitude all the time so that even if your team is feeling hopeless you can be able to motivate them and make them understand that there is no such thing as “Hopeless Situation”, there are only people who have grown hopeless about themselves. So often, what we think is our problem is NOT really the problem. The problem is our attitude at which we tackle the problem, which makes us handle life’s obstacles very poorly, hence it is very crucial for a leader to possess a positive attitude. I always use this quality as a mentor and motivational Speaker.