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Student at UCLA, great at excel, public speaking, business analysis and administration

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A new challenge as well as the ability to surround myself with people who are as aspiring and motivated as I am and versed in programming to complement my business mind and help take my idea to the next level.

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I was born in Cairo, Egypt and have since had the wonderful opportunity to study and live abroad from the Middle East in Bahrain and the UAE, to Los Angeles and Barcelona where I have learned/worked with plenty of diverse and intellectual individuals whom have given me a well rounded perspective of the world we live in. However, my dream has always been to somehow give back to my home country of Egypt, which I visit every summer to see family, but where I have unfortunately also witnessed firsthand the major economic and opportunistic disadvantage it has compared to the other countries I´ve lived in. I will never forget when one day a child was resorted to stealing medicine from a pharmacy for his ill mother and was arrested right before my eyes. For that reason, I´ve always strived to absorb as much knowledge regarding Economics in particular since my dream ever since I was a child was to run for president; admittedly my dream may be slightly far fetched, but through my business idea and the networking I´ve created, as I like to say, why not me?

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Omar Aly


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