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I am a young Jordanian living in Saudi Arabia and I am 28 years old. I am interested in the topics of entrepreneurship and sustainable development. I have participated in many competitions and courses in these subjects. I have won first place in the NASA Space apps Challenge 2017 in Saudi Arabia for a smart mobile application to protect the visitors of the beaches from the potential dangers .. I also received the award of the best collaborator in the make a difference challenge 2017 in the open lab in Hamburg for a flexible seat project can be adjusted to fit the size of the student and ensure the seating healthy .. I always strive to be an effective In the community and I always work in the search in Latest updates of Sustainable Development … I have been invited to participate in the African Summit on Sustainable Development in Ghana (osh )2018 to introduce the theme of improving education for the children of Africa I also had an invitation to participate in the asia world model United nations Conference (mun)in Korea 2018 to talk about the refugee issue..I trained at the manufacturing laboratorys in Germany, Saudi Arabia and Jordan on two-dimensional and three-dimensional design and electronics and ways to transform ideas into products

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Omar alhaj mahmoud


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