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iPad app for medical diagnostic

Currently the costs of lab tests are incredibly high and have long turnaround times leaving patients and doctors waiting and guessing. Performing the tests in front of the patient with immediate results will hugely benefit the patient and reduce the costs of lab tests as blood and biological samples do not have to be specially transported under refrigerated conditions. The current product has been developed to meet the need of quantifiable point of care diagnosis at the patient bed side. The product is an app optimized to tun on a mobile device such as an ipad. The device captures a color change associated with routine medical diagnostics and outputs quantitatively the result of such tests in an automated fashion on the stand alone device. The device algorithm performs the data extrapolations and statistical operations yielding useful information in seconds. The use of the device will require minimal training and can even be used by the general public. The app provides powerful and accurate color and texture quantitation that is robust enough to withstand changes in light intensities and even reflections and shadows. This allows for color quantitation in the field and on the go. Settings such as disaster areas and even rural clinics can now perform lab quality testing and sync or send the data through to cloud storage where it can be synced to electronic patient records for access by doctors and medical professionals.

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Creating a peace currency

This idea involves creating a peace currency similar to that used in carbon credits to quantify change to climate change. The reason for this is to motivate people in general and companies and businesses to spend more time thinking and brainstorming world problems or challenges to peace. The approach proposed here is to create a hosting system online where world problems are posed, and creating a team of innovative thinkers to systematically break the problem into its component parts and in turn "crowd sourcing" solutions to these pieces. This approach could bring together people with skills and talents that usually do not commonly collaborate on challenges and great and innovative ideas could be generated. Furthermore, many ideas people seem to just stagnate and therefore a community is nurtured creating way to market of creative ideas, be it policy changes or getting groups to communicate in a non-confrontational way using the web. The peace currency or peace credits can have an enormous effect, it can give those companies that work in the non-profit space more financial backing. Additionally, non-profits that work with such challenges can have the ability to issue peace credits to contributors in exchange for solutions to their challenges. This approach, if taken up, can serve to solve problems in peace, medicine, poverty employment and so much more, with people from diverse backgrounds working together collaboratively with the motivation of a tangible peace credit. Going forward, the peace credit can be used to quantify large corporate social obligation thus motivating them to solve real world problems and probably even improve their public engagement.

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