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My name is Mohammed A Sheriff I am from Liberia West Africa,. While in high school we founded a facebook group called Liberia’s best online market that could enable people living in Liberia to buy and sell their used items. That was a success and with the high increase in the group membership and about thousands of new items were posted daily by people living in and outside Liberia, base on that we later decided to get involved in some online passive income business as a seller , currently known as drop shipping but ours was a local one wherein we used to visit stores and negotiate with the store owners about their items and if he or she agrees with the price we used to take photos of the item and post it online with 10% interest which used to be ours. We observed the future of online marketing in my country Liberia, and came up with the Idea of a website like that of Gumtree in the UK to help provide a secure platform for people living in Liberia to post their advertisement so people can find it easily online. Omomakay Liberia was first Launched on September 17, 2017, and after the launch, we underwent some bug testing era and learned that for our users to use our platform easily we needed to add some features, due to that we decided to go offline and work on the project and by June 2018 we re-launched our website which is helping over 2000 plus Liberian daily to buy and sell their items locally in Liberia.

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Mohammed A Sheriff


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