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ways to improve and create a positive impact in my community, currently looking to get grants and investors to help actualize my idea and create economic change.

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I am 27 years old, with my first degree in botany from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and an MBA from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Having worked for over a year with Multipro Consumer Products Ltd as a Sales partner, I started my own company Elo’Ose Beauty salon which has been my side business for over five years now. My passion for community development led me to travel to Ghana in 2016, where I received a certificate for completing a project with INSPYA Ghana; (an NGO focused on encouraging, supporting, and inspiring underserved students to achieve their dreams). Also during my Youth Service year, I worked as a teacher in an only Girl’s school, Zamfara, Nigeria. In the Northern Part of Nigeria, it is ok for Girls in high school to get married, some of the girls I taught were already married and others were soon to be married off. Most of them were not going to further their education. I wanted them to learn a skill so they can make some income for themselves. I created a skills acquisition club, equipping over 150 students with skills in liquid soap making, Vaseline, makeup artistry, and beads making. Also as part of my community development project, with help from some hospitals, The Ministry of Health, and fellow corp members I was able to successfully test the Abarma community for malaria, distribute anti-malaria drugs and mosquito nets.

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Omoyeme Sim-Okoduwa


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