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salome okoye


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medicine, women's health, poverty reduction

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more entreprenueral ideas

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I am a fair attractive vibrant young woman, 5.7 feet tall, married to a specialist laboratory physician and a mother of one. I am 24 years old, graduated from the department of Economics Ambrose Alli University 4 years ago and currently doing an MSc. Economics in the University of Benin (UNIBEN) specializing in trade and finance, as well as studying law in National Open University (NOUN). I maintain a high moral and ethical standards and a strict disciplinarian. I am disciplined and self accountable, I have the physical energy necessary to run a business. I am confident, willing to learn new skills, have good team playing capacity and willing to take risks on business opportunities after weighing the risk involved

Project Overview

sally's women health project

Basic and General Health services,is a healthcare company specializing in organizing, promoting, and managing single or multidisciplinary medical and allied products ayys well as laboratory services. My innovative concept is offering cervical cancer screening to sexually active women and girls, which will help to reduce the prevalence of cervical cancer in Nigeria. Unlike the tertiary health institutions which make screening gruesome, and discourages the women, my health company offers a quick walk-in center where such screening can be carried out within a couple of minutes at a reasonably affordable price. We also embark on enlightenment and advocacy. Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women and accounts for one in five of cancers in females in most parts of Nigeria. According to data quoted at vanguardng.com/2010/09/11/cervicalcancer, cervical cancer accounts for 15% of female cancers in Nigeria as compared to about 3.6% in the developed countries. Shockingly, Less than one in 1000 of Nigerian women have ever had a cervical cancer screening in their lifetime and less than one percent is aware of the existence of this silent killer. Cervical cancer is preventable only when a regular screening is done. My company enlightens and encourages such screening by completely eliminating the bureaucracy of the available tertiary institution as well as providing seminars, workshops and marketing which will increase the awareness of this silent killer. The 2007 official gazette of the Federal Government shows that over 69, 329 women live in Oshimili South L. G. A. of Delta state where my business will be located, 25% of which are of child bearing age. These women and many others in neighboring towns are among the millions of Nigerian women who need awareness and a cervical cancer screening.

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