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Onélio Macovela


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At the age of twelve, when he entered secondary school he showed various skills and abilities, which he enjoyed by participating in various programs to help in the development of his community. Being a social volunteer of the projects of Health, and Social Activist. When talking about the talents, there is no doubt in mentioning the talent that shows in the soccer field so much that it participated in several sections of soccer in his province. She has skills in relevant computer technologies so much that she has helped several women in her community teaching computer skills and currently helps girls and boys from her community explaining chemistry and biology at secondary school. The taste and spirit of teamwork made him a young man who brings impeccable leadership skills, where he led the ranks of his class, currently leads the group of Acolytes, and constantly leads the group's collaborators to the development of his Forum project of Lectures Cycles of Lectures. He is a young man who is currently developing some activities at his University, is responsible, humble, applied and engaged in a better future.

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Onélio Daniel Macovela born 16-08-2000, now nineteen years old, was born to a very humble family, Father is a teacher, Mother is a peasant in a rural town in the province of Inhanbane located in the North of South of Mozambique.
He attended primary school in the village, and entered secondary school at the age of only twelve. The taste and spirit of help made him a volunteer, a Social Activist, an Acolyte, and a catechist for community help in health, women’s education, fighting premature marriages, early pregnancies and help in their religious community. What drives you to create and innovate is the pleasure and pleasure of helping, bringing information to the most needy, which led you to create the project Forum of Debates Cycle of Lectures, which deals with the current information on Education, Health, Entrepreneurship . She has received recognition for her innovative initiatives, including the recognition of her school’s Directorate, the District Service for Women’s Health and Social Action, the Center for Educational Research of Mozambique and the Pedagogical University of Maputo. Humility, I like to help, willingness to contribute, make you a committed young man and engaged in a better future with the aim of creating a foundation in the future to help young people and society in need of information. Responsibility, commitment, honesty and sincerity make him a young person who has been helping many young people and society. Son of a humble family who studied in precarious conditions but hopes for a better and promising future.