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I am an overall creative. My main talent is in performing art such as music and drama. I am also a young man who is passionate about helping in making sure that the future of African entrepreneurs is secured in the global market. I am less obsessive about helping SME but I am rather in building a platform to help these particular people. I have been reading a lot about digital marketing and Economic development and management. So I have equipped myself with the graphics design and Digital marketing and branding skills and information. I want to build a search engine that will be for African entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurs of choice for investment through positioning their brand as very potential investment destination

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I am constantly trying to get mentorship from global experts on how to create SEO or in all my dream come true

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I have won an award issued by the CITY OF JOBURG MUNICIPALITY for my serves in fighting against covid-19 in 2019. I am also the founder of a Non Profit organization called Youth Growth Hub and co-founder of a Non Profit organization called KANdevelopment. In addition, I have participated in the Eskom Expo For Young Scientists program in 2018. Moreover I am the founder of a newly founded company named gogee media.

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Onthatile Eugene Gotyana


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