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Innovation and idea development in these industries: Education, Tech, Business.

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People willing to work together with to implement the ideas, especially expertise to develop prototypes. Funding for the prototype development stages of the various ideas.

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Youth Ambassador for A World At School. Member, LMTF 2.0’s Global Citizenship Education Committee. The African Story Challenge minor grant recipient. Finalist at SHAPEafrica2014’s ‘I Am Bold’ competition. Innovation and idea development in these industries: Education, Tech, Business. Writer, Multimedia specialist, Singer. most of my time is spent on online advocacy and social commentary though.

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Kenechukwu Oraelosi


Project Overview


A crowdsource location based monitoring system that protects girls and women by utilising sms messages sent from basic cell phones providing real time alerts on occurring dangerous incidents. The aims are to provide safety for women from incidents like rape or danger, and to alert security, health and other stakeholders in the wake of an emergency. An affected individual utilises speed dialling on the phone to send a panic message to network triggering alarm messages (with current time and location data of occurrence) to all the women and important stakeholders registered on the network (within a certain radius of the crime scene) for rapid response. It can also record incidents using the mouthpiece on the phone. The USP is that it works completely on sms on GSM networks using information provided either directly by the telecom operator or using HLR lookups so it isn't limited by bandwith presence or smartphone use and can therefore easily be deployed to people in rural regions. It is also crowdsourced so it runs itself. It would also have a web app and mobile apps for those with smart phone capabilities. Voice alerts will also available for those who can't read.

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