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Osvaldo João is a Trainer of Local Authorities, Entrepreneur, Politician, Public Speaker, Local Governance and Public Policies analyst accredited by the Institute of Business Management of Southern Africa (IBM) in South Africa, training young leaders in Angola. He studied Local Government Finance at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and was recently one of the candidates selected to participate in the Capacity Building and Training Seminar for the Implementation of Local Governments in Angola, by the South African NGO (In Transformation Initiative Org). He participated in the United Nation Conference for Trade and Development, a week long seminar for “Empretec” Training for Entrepreneurship (Train for Trade II – UNCTAD joint Program for Angola), he also participate in the YALI RLC SA Online Conhort 10 on Public Management and Governance, and became a YALI RLC Alumni. Recently he participated as an Adult Mentor representing Angola, in the Spring 2021 cohort of the Pan African Youth Leadership Program Spring 2021 Youth Leadership Program (PAYLP), funded by the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, hosted by the Meridian International Center, in partnership with the Africa Youth Leadership Program (PAYLP), City Partners in communities in the United States and became a PAYLP Alumni.

He also participated in the Management Training Project for Business and Entrepreneurship, developed by the Angolan State and Spain, financed by the European Union (EU) and by the Instituto Superior Politécnico Internacional de Angola (ISIA) in cooperation between Casa Africana, Instituto de Negócios Desenvolvimento (IFE), Cameral Institute Foundation for the Creation and Development of Companies (INSCYDE) and ISIA. He has been interviewed several times on the German radio station, Deutshe Walle (DW), on issues surrounding public theft accusation because of his experience as a Local Government Analyst. He also has a professional experience in the private sector and political organizations in Angola and I’m a member of Africa ELTA, affiliated with the Institute of Business Management of Southern Africa (IBM) and has experience as a Portuguese/English language translator/Interpreter, accredited by ATIA in Angola and Africa ELTA in Sudan. Is also crucial to say that since I came to Angola I have been inspired to take what I learned about local government while attending the University of South Africa, and bring it to the Angolan government system. He has worked with several state heads and also talked with them about my ideas of implementing local government and change in Angola.

I have been invited numerous times to be the expert speaker at workshops and town hall meetings to inform the community, province and country about the importance and need of local government. I also appeared on local and national TV and radio shows for people to get to know my views and ideas that I will implement as their elected official. One example is to create systems to make sure children have access to clean water and nutritious food. I have in the past and plan to continue talks with existing government leaders about my role and ideas and what resources are necessary for local government leadership and for its implementation. More specifically, If I succeeded with this idea I hope to be able to better implement the ideas I have for creating the systems that will provide all children with access to clean water and nutritious food and etc.

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