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• Training • Sales • Project Management • Communication at all levels • Process Orientated • Analytical Problem Solver

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Passion-Purpose-Positivity in order to partner up with the right role players in the industry-and the result is finance but that is not my purpose.

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I believe it is the responsibility of every South African to make a difference and make an impact on job creation whether it be directly or indirectly. I therefore established Out and About as an exciting new brand that has gained respect and has since become a community based enterprise.

After much introspection during my time in the sales / pharmaceutical industry I realized that although my overall intention was to have a direct effect on rural communities, my follow-through was lacking in terms of creating the jobs and health benefits that are critical to the sustainability of these communities.

My brand has created a unique, identifiable ethos within Port Elizabeth. Out and About is the first company to break into the tourism industry offering the services that we do and actually get it right.

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Devon Harrison