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Julian Pedrero


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Social innovation specialist to reduce inequalities

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Social investor

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Passionate about living life to the fullest, he has managed to combine his desire to travel with social innovation to contribute to local development.

Founder of Outown Colombia social enterprise of education for rural development, connects rural entrepreneurs with students to solve challenges in the regions and find students with transforming power in society.

It has mobilized 1,900 students through 65 experiences in rural open air classrooms in 16 rural entrepreneurs in Cundinamarca, Boyacá and the Caribbean

He has worked with 16 UNITEC social practitioners in rural development

He has been a volunteer since he was 22 years old in social impact projects.

He has won the following recognitions:

• Winner of startup weekend tourism and gastronomy 2014
• Winner of the social innovation festival FINDEMO 2015
• Winner of cooperation project with AIESEC – Indonesia – Tihulale 2016
• Lecturer at the first congress of young leaders in tourism 2017
• Selected as Fellow Balloon Latam in Chile 2018

Social innovation consultant at Wikideas entrepreneurship community

Business Administrator, specializing in innovation and business development at the Universidad Externado de Colombia

Julián Pedrero Pardo
Executive Director Outown Colombia
Experiential education social enterprise for rural development
Cell phone: 320 4095698

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