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Social Enterprise development, Team buiding and Networking.

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Additional technical knowledge and relevant partnership(s) to role on my own founded Ecotourism Enterprise and Financial Management Education Model for harmonious co-existence between human beings and wildlife .

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I am a Ugandan, 32 years old, very innovative and enterprising gentleman with strong passion for improved and sustainable livelihoods.

I hold Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration ( BBA)-Hons .I have also undergone several refresher training in social enterprise development and management, NGO development and management, guidance and counseling, monitoring and evaluation, community conservation and above all public administration and management.

As a result of all these, I joined the world of community development mainly through research and social enterprise development. I am the founder of Ecotourism Enterprise and Financial Management Education model which is under the two years of pilot implementation around Murchison Falls National Park, a key biodiversity area in Uganda. The pilot project has resulted into formation of Murchison Falls Community Eco-Tourism and Conservation Association (METCCAS) whose major goal is to create sustainable lives and Conserve biodiversity mainly through Community Driven Green Enterprises (CDGEs) including and not restricted to bees keeping, art and craft making, tree nursery bedding, Eco lodging and sale of African traditional dishes to tourists: Since according to Uganda Wildlife Authority’s report of Financial year 2013/14 clearly indicated that an average of 680,000 visitors are annually received by Murchison Falls National Park and atleast each of them spends not less than $3000 and non of the poor Community members around the protected area even tapped $1.

Beside this, i am the Business Mentor at Village Enterprise Uganda-US originated NGO that equips households living below poverty line with resources to start sustainable businesses. Under this role, my responsibilities includes but not limited to conducting Participatory Wealth Ranking (PWR) Survey, Progress Out of Poverty index (PPI) Survey, Community mobilization, Community Interest Meetings (CIMs), Training Business Owners in Business and Financial Management, Filling of the Small Business(SB) Grants application forms for the Business owners, Disbursing of Small Business grants (Seed Capital) to the Business Owners and finally Mentoring which entails visiting the business owners while identifying their strength and weaknesses upon which appropriate recommendations are developed.

Before getting involved in the works of Village Enterprise Uganda, data collection, training and some times data analysis were my primary assignments while working with; Air Water Earth ( AWE) Uganda Ltd in partnership with Worley Persons- UK Ltd, Community Resource Development Initiative ( CRDI) Uganda Ltd, Africa Population Consult (APC) Uganda Ltd and West Nile Private Sector development Promotion Center ( WENIPS) Uganda Ltd. This truck of my career development trend clearly justifies my invention for Ecotourism Enterprise and Financial Management Education Model.

Conclusively, because of my enterprising skills , leadership passion and struggle for social justice, I was able to be selected as Global Health Corps semi-finalist and and a finalist on 06/March /2016 and 19/March /2016 respectively for a fellowship position of Learning Officer at Spark microgrants – US originated NGO working for social justice in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi . Iam indeed waiting for the last indepth interview by Spark microgrants Uganda for my selection as a 2016/17 Global Health Corps Fellow.

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Oward Tumusiime